Children of Africa, knowledge is our lost resource!

Just like we have campaigns to fight all the biological diseases attacking us, we need to wake up and smell the coffee as Africans, we are a mine field of brains that have been untapped for generations because we were attacked by a rampant disease of the mind called ignorance. How do we expect to move our societies forward if it’s is still a viable tale when our friends say “if you want to hide a secret from an African then hide it in a book!” for as long as this saying has a ring of truth to it, I say we will still have a long way to go. Oral tradition worked well for us but it’s time to let it go. How many brilliant minds die with their knowledge locked up! I say the ground has stolen from us for a while now but enough is enough! As Africans we need to stop running from reading and writing. We need to cultivate a generation of readers and writers so that instead of storing our knowledge in the graves with the dead, atleast we have them archived in the books. We need to appreciate that the best legacy is when you left something to help the next generation not when you died with all those great brains! Do something my dear woman or man of valor! It starts with you. Knowledge is wealth and sharing it is a big investment. So read and write much more than before! I need to read your book soon! Send me your copy I promise you I will buy it!


Why women of valor like us have been unemployed and how we can break this pattern!

Our patriarchal societies where men are the decision-makers and hold positions of power and prestige, and have the power to define reality and common situations have played a big role in rendering us as women unemployed. Of course the business world and the labor market have been labeled a man’s world for centuries. You as a woman you have to fight double hard to join the pack. For as long as we still have these patriarchal mindsets, stereo types, negative cultural norms and beliefs governing our minds in this day and age, no matter how much education you have you will still fall prey to the vagaries of being a woman. We need to stop playing coy as women and get real when we go out there to join the business world. As a woman you have to be exceptional to automatically get that job otherwise honey the man even much younger and less experienced will snatch that job from you. It is your mandate as a woman to work hard to break through this wall. Chisel your skills and make sure that every day your brand as a person is re-invented and enrich your mind through reading. Be a source of innovations and I assure you no matter your gender you will be one to die for.  There are a few matriarchal societies where women are in central decision-making positions such as community leaders, where they play a central role in the community and in the society. In the few matriarchal societies that exist today it has been observed that the word rape does not exist, as women’s rights are central in these societies; sexuality is practiced freely and women are given space to express their creativity and participate in society. We can cause our society to have a balance. If as women we sit back and just make noise about our rights, write great philosophies about how we need empowerment, debate, and advocate and sensitize others without taking physical action in the right direction, the level of unemployment among women will keep rising. We need to understand that for years men have invested in fellow men to see that they keep the power positions in our societies. These negative beliefs, stereo types and patriarchal mindsets have been a large sale to the extent that even mothers were brain washed enough to believe that their girl child was less of a person compared to their boy child. It is time now for us as women to act by deliberately investing in fellow women. We can invest in each other through mentorship, executive coaching, business training, motivational talks, network sharing and offering interne ship opportunities to other women in our thriving organizations. True as women we have natural factors acting against us but these can be accommodated if we made up for it by preparing ourselves as unbeatable professionals when we are given an opportunity. It is time to sell to the world the advantages of matriarchal societies co existing with patriarchal societies. The balance is really good for our social economic well being and the harmony we all need to thrive well and beat unemployment.

TEDxNakaseroWomen is a jackpot of great speakers with superb ideas!

The long Awaited day is here my sweet people!

This for us women of Uganda is the must attend event of the year 2013!

Internationally you have a chance to watch it on live stream too!

It feels like a dream but I assure you that it is Reality!

The TEDxNakaseroWomen team have finally pulled it off today!

Yes it’s that awesome, I keep pitching myself to know it’s not just a dream.

They have diligently and successfully put together the logistics required to execute a successful TEDxNakaseroWomen event today!

I hope you have your ticket with you my sweetheart!

All I can promise you is that come expectant and rest assured your mind will be blown by the great talks that will be shared!

Those of you who can’t make it to the event at the Sheraton please watch through the stream below!

The Vital Voices Women Mentoring Walks Uganda Chapter!

“Inspire, Equip and Skill the youth-BUILD THE FUTURE.”
Vital Voices Global Leadership Network members organize “Women Mentoring Women” mentoring walks in several countries throughout the world following their participation in the FORTUNE/US State Department Global Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership. The idea for “Mentoring Walks”
originated with Founder and Former CEO of Oxygen Media, Geraldine Laybourne, who developed these events across the United States and shared her experience doing so with FORTUNE/US State Department Global Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership participants. In 2008, pilot mentoring
walks were held in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Argentina, Peru, Serbia and Jordan. The events were met with tremendous success and reached hundreds of women. Each of the walks are held on the
same day and branded by Vital Voices Global Partnership. Mentoring walks are events in which established women leaders and rising women professionals convene and walk together in their
community. As they walk, they engage in discussion regarding their professional challenges and successes, establishing a mentoring relationship in which the seasoned leader guides and supports
their peers.
The purpose of Mentoring Walks
Individually, mentoring walks serve to engage established women professionals and emerging women professionals in mentoring partnerships. These partnerships aim to support rising generations of women leaders reach their full potential. Together, the mentoring walk events illustrate women’s dedication to building leadership globally and spotlight the accomplishments of women across the globe.
“Mentoring is like a CANDLE, one can light up so many candles
without losing your glow, but together create more heat and
better light.”
Objectives of the Mentoring Walks
o To raise awareness about Mentoring as a key tool for personal development.
o To bring together women professionals and emerging women professionals in mentoring partnerships in order to create a network of role models.
o To illustrate women’s dedication to building leadership and spotlight the accomplishments of women in Uganda.
o To initiate a series of activities which identify, guide and support young women “to lead a life of Choice not Chance” so that they make positive transitions into adulthood.
Plan for the Mentoring Walk
Like other walks in 27 different countries globally, the Uganda Mentoring Walk is scheduled to take place on the Saturday 16th November 2013. It will bring together students from various schools, female managers from corporate companies, powerful women from public and private institutions, non-government organizations, women groups and organizations and women entrepreneurs totalling to 2000 people. The walk will begin from Centenary Park at 7:30am; go through Speke road to the Kitante Primary School where other activities will take place.
The theme for this year’s Mentoring Walk is “Inspire, Equip and Skill the youth-BUILD THE FUTURE.” It will focus on conversations that will contribute to the empowerment of youth in
Uganda. This year, the US Deputy Ambassador, Patricia Mahoney will be the Guest of Honour at the Mentoring Walk.
Other activities at the event
o A number of women will share their success stories at the event
o Exhibition to showcase girls’ women’s products/services
o Fashion Show from a role model fashion designer
o Poetry, music, dance and drama to showcase girls and women’s talents
o Inspirational Women of Uganda Awards to recognize women who have mentored other women Uganda Mentoring Walks 2009
In 21st November 2009, Uganda joined other 11 countries around the world for the Global Mentoring Walk. The first Mentoring Walk in Uganda was attended by 357 girls and women with the presence of Geraldine Laybourne, the Founder of the Mentoring Walk and
Jerry Lanier, the American Ambassador in Uganda. A movement for women was launched based on the concept that “Mentoring is just like a CANDLE, if you have one in your hand, you can light up so many other people’s candles without losing your glow.” This has
brought a new thinking among the women affirming that they can make a difference in another woman’s life. The old generation syndrome of women not supporting each other will slowly die out with big numbers of women building strong relationships with young
Uganda Mentoring Walks 2010
On 20th November 2010, Uganda again joined other 9 countries around the world to participate in the Global Mentoring Walk. Women in Uganda have achieved the objectives of raising  awareness about Mentoring as a key tool for personal, professional and business development, brought together women professionals and emerging women in mentoring partnerships, created a network
of role models and spotlighted the accomplishments of women in Uganda. The mentoring walk brought together over 450 girls and women from various walks of life including secondary schools,
tertiary institutions, corporate companies, public and private institutions, non government organizations, community groups and women entrepreneurs.
Uganda Mentoring Walks 2011
Over 500 participants gathered for Uganda’s third Mentoring Walk on November 19th 2011 to join other 11 countries across the globe. We had established women leaders, rising women professionals and a number of secondary school and university students. All clad in the beautiful lime green and blue t-shirts, participants engaged in conversations regarding their careers, life experiences, challenges and successes; and to some as we later learnt from various speakers after the walk, it marked the beginning of mentoring relationships. To grace the occasion, we had the American Ambassador, Jerry Lanier and Vital Voices Global Partnership staff from Washington DC, Celena Green and Sarah Ewing. Also in attendance was Thombi Msimang, a renowned woman entrepreneur from South Africa.
Uganda Mentoring Walks 2012
On a bright morning of Saturday 17th November 2012, Uganda proudly joined the rest of the world in celebrating this global event with the theme: “Equipping youth with Leadership, employment and Entrepreneurship skills.” The Ugandan Flag Bearer, the President of CEDA International, Rehmah Kasule together with the US  Ambassador Scott DeLisi and his wife Leija flagged off the 4th Uganda Mentoring Walk. Hand in hand, side-by-side, a group of more than 1500 strong and hopeful Uganda girls and women proudly set off for the 5 kilometre journey with a lot of pride. As the walk progressed, the women engaged in discussions about their backgrounds, offered advice and shared their different life experiences with each other. Among the Speakers were US
Ambassador Scott DeLisi, Hajat Rehmah Kasule, Latifah Kiribedda, Lillian Muganga, Lillian Aero and Maggie Sheahan, a young American who came to Uganda as a volunteer four years ago and whose work in Mentoring at educate! has positively impacted over 3000 youth in Uganda. Participants were also treated to wonderful dances, songs, poems, fashion show and an exhibition showcasing
successful businesses run by female youth in the country. At the end of the event seven Inspirational Women of Uganda received Awards including Victoria Sekitoleko, Rebecca Kadaga, Bendicta Nanyonga and Olivia Wanekha, the current Ugandan Ambassador to USA. The Mentoring Walk was made possible by the partnership of CEDA International, Women of Valor Foundation, GEM-Uganda, Educate, Grana Fish Supplies and Icon.
Success stories as a result of the Mentoring Walks
Following the famous African proverb “If you walk alone, you will go very fast, and if you take others with you, you will walk very far”, the events have brought a whole new thinking among the girls and women of Uganda. We have seen the space grow beyond just the walks to a platform where old, young, experienced, non-experienced girls and women mentor and support each other. Some of the accomplishments highlighted since last year’s Mentoring Walk were:
o Mentorship is now recognized as a key tool for personal, professional, business and community development. Several mentoring programs have been launched in the country by various organizations.
o The Flag Bearer, Rehmah Kasule’s participation in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship where she met President Barack Obama
o Jalia Nabukalu attending the Youth Leadership Summit in Washington DC
o Ninah Tolyewo, a former student of Gayaza High School joining a Medical school in Canada with full sponsorship from Geraldine Laybourne
o Grace Nanyonga, a young entrepreneur attending the Fortune/US State Department Mentoring program.
o Remmie Male and Angella Bulamu attending the IREX Community fellowship in USA.
o Martha, Fauziat Kimbugwe and Sharmilah Nakaayi got scholarships to go to UK, Canada and India to study Engineering, Social Work and Counselling and Community Development respectively.
o The Mentoring Walk has been a catalyst for starting other projects in the schools like the Go-Green, Talking Compounds, Speech Competition and Auspicious Achievers.
o More than 460 strong mentoring partnerships built between with young mentees and experienced mentors.
o Entrepreneurship mentoring in universities around the country
o Mentoring Clubs established in Uganda and in Rwanda where women network, learn and share experiences.
o Graduating of 175 young women from the Rising Star Mentoring Program impacting more than 12,000 girls in 7 girls’ secondary schools.
o Monthly Mentoring Nights to equip women in employment and women entrepreneurs with leadership and business skills.
o Creation of data-base of a network of role models and mentors
o Launching of the UniAction Program in 8 universities, a program aimed at preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation among university women.

Happy Women’s Day My darlings

Happy Women's Day My darlings

Happy Women’s day our sweethearts. Special recognition goes out this day to the men who have come on board to help women regain their God given position in society. We are all especially indebted to the women who have invested in other women to realize that women globally are empowered to live a dignified life.

Creativity (or is success an accident?)

Many a great idea crash and burn not long after they have been introduced to the market. Why do some ideas succeed and other, seemingly unique and novel, ideas fail? Could it be that there is a recipe for success that some entrepreneurs follow and others disregard, to their own demise?

City Yange’s Geoffrey Ekongot spoke on the four most important, or should we say hats, that the entrepreneur must don in order to present a well thought out idea/ product to the market.


City Yange’s Geoffrey Ekongot speaks to the WoV ladies on Creativity

Hat 1: The Explorer: Every budding entrepreneur will need to don this hat every time they start to develop an idea. This is the stage when you seek for inspiration from different sources such as publications, events or conversations.

Hat 2: The Artist: All the inspiration collected in the Explorer stage need to be arranged into a coherent idea. Several ideas may arise from this stage.

Hat 3: The Judge: Any idea that isn’t evaluated is doomed for failure. At this stage everything and anything that will be important and necessary to the success of an idea in the market place needs to be addressed. This will involve everything from suppliers to specific market demography to the timing of the product release. For every arising issue you will need to don the two previous hats.

Hat 4: The Warrior: This stage is  broken down into two parts.

The Foot Soldier requires you to actively be a part of of the production, marketing and selling processes of your idea. You might need  to don this hat for a while as your idea finds its footing in the market place.

The General is when you take up the position as leader and foresee both the long and short term planning for your idea. You are not as actively involved as the foot soldier but you are not also completely removed from it.

If during the development of an idea, one of these steps is overlooked it might lead to the failure of it. Be sure to write down every stage you are addressing for your idea and you are sure to bring a great product into the world.

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